For Brides// Wedding Bouquets

I love how personalized bouquets have become. A bouquet can tell a lot about a bride(their personal style, their favorite flowers, and/or their favorite colors). So, I decided to do a little bouquet inspiration post for brides that I found through Pinterest. When it comes to inspiration, I honestly don’t think there is a better choice then Pinterest. Feel free to check out my Pinterest for more Inspiration. I will definitely keep updating. But until then check out these amazing Bouquets!



Drum Roll Please….

I finallllyyyy decided to get a facebook fan page.I know I am way behind times but what can I say. I am definitely excited for the three amazing fans I will probably have. This is where I will be doing my updating  and also here on my new blog 🙂 Like my page here

So, I thought it would be weird to just have a post about my new facebook page and telling people to like it so I decided to  also include a post about the things I have been liking this month.

First is Pinterest! I just discovered this site a couple weeks ago and I love it. Pinterest ( is an inspirational board when you can “pin” ( save a picture to your board that you want to come back to later). I use it for photography, fashion, food recipes and any else that catches my eye.

Another site that I am definitely loving is Google reader. You can keep track of your favorite blogs in one area. You get instant update everytime they have new posts. Some of my favorite blogs are always has interesting topics for christians to contemplate. another site that I love to follow it’s not necessarily a blog but it is updated like one. It’s filled with great tips with marketing strategies for photographers. Also some of my favorite photographer blogs,,, and so many other blogs I love to follow. Loving GoogleReader

I am totally loving film camera’s. I bought this Pentax about 2 summers ago at a garage sale for $5.oo. Every now and then I definitely want to use this film camera in some of my shoots. If film wasn’t so expensive I would definitely use it a lot more.

And finally my brother offered to buy me and my two sisters new shoes. No particular reason, no special occasion and no complaints from me. He works at Addidas so we all went over and picked out our shoes. Maybe this will intice me more to start working out.

Cheers to a random post!!