For Brides// Wedding Bouquets

I love how personalized bouquets have become. A bouquet can tell a lot about a bride(their personal style, their favorite flowers, and/or their favorite colors). So, I decided to do a little bouquet inspiration post for brides that I found through Pinterest. When it comes to inspiration, I honestly don’t think there is a better choice then Pinterest. Feel free to check out my Pinterest for more Inspiration. I will definitely keep updating. But until then check out these amazing Bouquets!



(Creative Session) Ellyn

This shoot started with so many different ideas and finally emerged into a Tea Party shoot. I honestly had so much fun with the shoot and I am so glad I got to meet and work with Ellyn. She was pretty much a superstar for the entire shoot. All the details just came together and we were able to finish just before sundown.

First I wanted to start out with all of the yummy details. Enjoy!


Flowers were DIY Paper Flowers


For more pictures and behind the scenes footage check out the video below