Thankful for the mess

So, this morning I woke up to the sound of a blaring smoke alarm detector and then walked into what seemed to be a cloud of smoke. Went downstairs to find my dad fideling with the stove, trying to figure out why the turkey kept catching on fire. So, me and my sister did the usually routine of blowing the smoke away from the detector with the first piece of cloth we could find and opening all the windows, hoping that the neighbors couldn’t hear any of what was going on. The rest of the day was nothing short of this craziness up until we were finally able to settle down and enjoy the delicious meal that was produced amidst the chaos.


I guess, life can be pretty hectic and unpredictable, believe me I can definitely attest to this. 2011 has been an amazing year but at the same time one of the hardest years for me. A year filled with drastic change,  ended friendships and uncertainty.   But admist all the confusion , craziness and disappointment. I have learned to really appreciate it all. I am thankful for the journey I am on now more than ever.The good, the bad and the ugly. These are the times I remember the most because in these times I am uncomfortable and I am forced to either let life bring me down or allow it to change me and challenge me with a joyful spirit. I’m learning from my mistakes and growing  incredibly in patience. I am really learning to  appreciate everything I have been through no matter how hard it was or still may be. This Thanksgiving among SO MANY other things  I am thankful for the chaos, craziness and all the “mess” of life, because I know by the grace of God that the mess will turn into something beautiful.

Happy Thanksgiving!

P.s I am beyond thankful for my family and friends more than I could ever say


Fashion// Blackberry Forest// Part 1

So, I decided to spend the month of November experimenting with different types of photography. There are a couple of different types of photography that I would love to tap into.So, of course, the first thing I wanted to try was  a fashion shoot. I was really excited about this shoot because it was my vision coming to life. I styled the model and created the necessary pieces with the help of my sisters. So, here is what we came up with. Part 2 of this shoot will be coming up soon.


A conversation with Donald // Direction

So, about a year ago I had a conversation with an author named Donald Miller. An author whom I have grown to really love and respect (who also has a great blog that I love to follow). During this time I was quite frustrated with life because I had NO idea as to what direction to take in life. So, after the typical ” I love your books, there really inspiring…..” I asked him a question. I simply said Donald I have no idea what direction I want to go with my life, I don’t know what God wants me to do, I am completely stuck. For some reason I thought “okay, this is it, he’s gonna tell me the best advice about how to figure out what God wants me to do”. So I had my journal in hand ready to write.” but his response was not something I quite wanted to hear or was expecting  “Well, what do you want, what do you desire?” I stood there staring at him completely confused ( In my mind I was thinking, wait what does this have to do with me?)and I finally answered “well,I don’t know” and then he answered “well maybe you should start there”

There is a quote that says”We must be who God created us to be before we can do what God is calling us to do.”

After that conversation, I started to view life a little bit differently. I no longer ignore my passions/ desires, instead I embrace them because it’s what makes me unique. God created me with a purpose, so by ignoring all those things and trying to follow the path I thought I should follow I was almost hindering myself from being the person God created me to be.  I used to think that because I did not have the desire to open an orphanage in Africa or to become a Pastor that there was something wrong with me. But I’m learning that following Gods’ will is about allowing God to use us as we are, not as we think we should be.  Maybe one day those desires will come but for now I am embracing who I am and the gifts I feel God has given me. And in doing so I have seen God open doors of ministry that I did not even know existed .  While at the same time having some doors close, knowing that there are some things I should not be focusing on.

As long as I know that my heart is in the right place and that my desire is to do the will of God, then I know the rest will follow.

I’m seeking after God,letting him lead me and in turn I am discovering who I am and my purpose in life.

 …for it is God who works in you to will and to act according to his good purpose.(Phil. 2:13)



Blessed// Note to self

 In times when I find myself complaining , like today I have to remind myself that I’m

Blessed to have amazing & loving parents

Blessed to have sisters that love, support me and keep me laughing till it hurts

Blessed to have amazing friends that put up with me and my crazy facial expressions

Blessed to be able to do what I love

Blessed to have stability in life

Blessed to have a house to live in

Blessed to have a full closet

Blessed to have a job

Blessed to able to whip out my bible anywhere

Blessed with opportunities

Blessed to have freedom

Blessed to serve an amazing God

Blessed, so undeserving but so Thankful

Engaged// Preston & Juliana

So, excited to finally show some of my favorites from my mini engagement session with Preston and Juliana. A couple that showed their love in the most simple ways( a glance, a smile). You know the kind of couple that could have a blast just sitting together reading a book, just knowing that they were by each others side.

Preston and Juliana: Thanks for allowing me to take part in a stage of your lives. You love for each other was so apparent. I had a lot of fun photographing you guy made my job so easy. Wish you guys the best!

College Friends + St. Louis

I honestly believe that the close friends you make in college are the friends you have for life. I feel so blessed to have the friends that I do. Friends that encourage me, laugh with me, tolerate me, and keep me grounded. Last week was an amazing week filled with manicures, crazy car rides, crazy situations, unhealthy clothes shopping, and meeting some of our favorite artists. But honestly the best part of the trip were the times we were alone all just chatting the night away about life, friends, relationships and anything else we could possibly think of. It was almost as if we were back in college and nothing had changed.

Here is just a mini recap of the trip. The trip started out with us planning on getting a little work out in by going to the City Museum. But to our surprise the place was closed. So, we decided to take advantage of the beautiful 80 degree weather  and the fact that we were already in workout gear and walk around the board walk by the Arch. Despite almost being part of a police chase,  it was an awesome day that ended with red lobster and manicures.

All I can say is I was the last person who wanted to take the Helicopter tour but my friends dragged me to do it. But when we got there the pilot said he didn’t want to go up there because it was too windy. So happily sadly we couldn’t take the tour. And we also tried to take a boat tour but surprise surprise they were no longer doing boat tours that day.

Honestly I have no idea what these things were and clearly from my friends face neither did she.

This was probably one of the most exciting parts of the trip. We attended a meet and greet with artists involved in the Misfits tour. An incredible ministry of artists touring and making a difference in people’s lives. The whole concept is to want to be a misfit because that what we are called to be as Christians. It’s about knowing who you are in Christ and not being affected by what the world thinks of you. It was just awesome to hear them speak and to see some of my favorite artists in such a chill environment.


My friends and I are currently in the process of planning something huge. Something we know will really touch the lives of the people we meet. And what was so great about this trip was that our idea was confirmed. Or I should really say is that God confirmed in all of us that we need to start this pr0ject that would take months to plan but that I am beyond excited about. I strongly believe that God purposely places people in your life and I am so thankful that these girls were placed in my life.  Love you girls! Can’t wait for our next trip 🙂

Wedding// Lupe + Melissa

Wow, this is so long over due.  Just came back from a mini vacation(will blog about that soon) but excited to post some pics from a few weeks ago. A couple of weeks ago I got the chance to assist MaggieFortson Photography at a beautiful wedding. And I had an absolute great time, just hanging out and being surrounded by such kind hearted people. And not only that but I was also given the chance to take of  few shot of the day.  So here are a few of the shots 🙂


Life + Roadtrips + Worship

So in about 20min, I will be on the road for about 5 hours with two of my amazing friends.  Heading for an all a girls trip to St. Louis.  I am excited beyond belief to have a relaxed week filled with manicures, sleeping in and ridiculous night talks. I’m not quite sure what my internet connection will be like but I will hopefully be still updating throughout the week. One thing I am really feeling led to do is write more. I started this blog as a more personal blog and I still definitely want to keep that aspect. It will still included my photography because that is a huge part of my life and it’s my business but I am committing to write more 🙂 Feel free to read it but if not, I really just write for myself to document and look back at my life and to really look back at what God has been doing in my life.

Just wanted to end this post with a song I have come to really love. It’s kind of been the theme song of October for me. Absolutely love the lyrics