Vogue Volume 1

       November } 2005 is the oldest magazine issue you will find in my room. Honestly, I am surprised that no one has signed me up for Hoarders.  I don’t keep every magazine I buy but I do have a hard time getting rid of all of them. Since, I was young I have always loved fashion. Growing up we didn’t have an unlimited supply of money, so a regular  shopping trip for us would be at a thrift store. And until I was younger I thought shopping at  a thrift store was the norm. It was after I saw kids my age wearing similar clothing with similar brands that I realized thrift stores weren’t exactly on the top list of places to shop.

But I appreciate where I came from and it actually  forced me to get creative at a young age. I remember being 11 and staying up most of the night trying to turn my black leggings into “Bell Bottoms”. The only Bell bottoms I could find at thrift stores at the time were one’s made in the 1970′s. Which my sister and mom still laugh at me to this day because I thought my life would be complete if only my mom would buy these brown patchwork high water bell bottoms I spotted one day during an annual thrift shopping trip. Thank goodness my mom loved me enough not to buy them for me. But none the less, I fell in love with shopping at thrift stores and the craziness of scrounging for something amazing amidst all the chaos. Actually to this day my family still do some shopping trips at thrift stores. I of course shop at so many other stores now but sometimes you just can’t find the unique things in regular stores as you can in thrift store.

But, anyway I went to college and pursued a degree in fashion and now I try  to incorporate my love for fashion/style into my shoots. I look through magazines for inspiration on shoots, clothing, poses,and well pretty much everything. It inspires my creativity which then adds a creative element to my shoots, which I absolutely love.

Photoshoot: Sneak Peak-Chantel

                  Yesterday I had the privilege of shooting Chantel. This shoot was definitely a lot a fun, besides the 20 mosquito bites that I discovered I had this morning. This shoot evolved after I found a sweet 1967 Ford Galaxie, that I knew I had to do a shoot with. Then I just went off of that and decided to do a vintage inspired shoot. Chantel was amazing, barely had to give her any direction. Be on the lookout for the rest of the pictures.

Insight: Vintage Love

                   Those who know me pretty much know that I really like vintage things. For those who Really know me, they pretty much know that I am in love with vintage things. So, today after an amazing service at church I headed to a thrift store to see if I could find some props to use for a photoshoot. So, I headed to a Goodwill because I know that they have pretty good deals on Sundays. When I got there the parking lot was packed so I had to go around the store to see if I could find some parking.  I found a parking spot and as I got out the door, the sign said  Goodwill  Outlet store. Now, let me first start out by saying I have pretty much been shopping at thrift stores all my life and I have never heard of an outlet thrift store. I almost went straight to the Goodwill store but I decided to check out this outlet. Let me tell you, when I entered it just looked like complete chaos. Everything was priced by the pound, completely weird. Some people had like 5 crates filled with stuff, and were digging deep in piles. I walked by some lady, who was hovering over all her stuff and telling everyone who walked by to stay back, because that was all her stuff. I definitely call this extreme thrifting. These people were hard core. A lot of people had gloves on to, which I now realize is a pretty good idea if you go to a place like this. But, as I was looking around off to the distance I spotted a vintage typewriter, and I pretty much made a dash to it, ready to knock anyone out of my way. I was definitely willing to pay a pretty penny for it(okay $20 max), but it ended up being only 6.99!!! Wooo, I was sooo excited . For those who know me it was as if someone had told me that I won a year supply of Ben & Jerrys chocolate fudge brownie ice cream. But, anyway this place had amazing stuff, I came out with some really awesome things, but the typewriter was my favorite! So, be on the lookout for vintage pieces in upcoming photoshoots.