Inspiration: Photographer-Three Nails Photography

                               I discovered this photographer when I was looking through a magazine for inspiration called Unveiled.  I  literally fell in love with all of his photo’s. First off I love the fact  that he always sticks with his style in each photoshoot that he does and I also love the fact that he is a christian. Hunter’s ( photographer) business is based in Louisiana and all his work is vintage inspired. I also believe that his wife also helps with the styling of these shoots. I am learning different things from some of the photographers that I am running across. From Hunters business I’ve learned that it’s soo important to stay true to who you are, don’t try to copy what other photographers are doing just because they are successful. Create a style that you feel comfortable with and the rest will follow. I am able to look as his photography and draw inspiration and say this is the type of photography that I would love to do. Because it’s what I know and I feel completely comfortable with creating that vintage feel.Do what works for you.  My next photoshoot will be vintage inspired and I am definitely excited!!

And seriously when or if I ever get engaged I would want him to take my pictures.

Check out his incredible work here:

Hunter(the photographer) even took his own wedding pictures


Inspiration: Photographer

One of my biggest inspirations in the “Photography world” is Jasmine Star. Many of you photographers know exactly who I am talking about. What inspires me most about her is that fact that she learned photography on her own. She didn’t go to school for photography( definitely not dissing those that did). But she inspires me to work hard and pursue photography despite not having any formal training. If you haven’t heard of her check her out. Her photography is so beautiful. Her work confirms my love for mainly natural light when shooting.