To my little sis

So, the snow finally decided to show up(kind of).  It’s weird having a snowless winter, although I’m sure it will show. And when it does, I plan to stay a hermit till March. But I am really hoping it snows for a winter themed wedding I will be shooting in a couple weeks. But in the mean time I plan to enjoy the little bit of snow we do have now.  So, I spent Saturday afternoon snapping some pictures of my little Sis.

*And apparently, I’ve been told that we look a lot alike?


To my little  Sis:

Sha, thank you for being my biggest Cheerleader in life

Everyday I am so thankful to have you as my little sister

Thank you for watching Golden Girls with me on Saturday afternoons

and  for spending times with me doing devotions in the morning

Thank you for making brownies for me at 11pm because I just had a craving

Thank you for encouraging me to follow my dreams

Thank you for inspiring me, and for dealing with my craziness

I love you soo much, more than you will ever know!



Her favorite necklace that she never leaves without.


And don’t forget about our failed attempt of Soulja Boi. Basicly I have the best sisters


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