Thankful for the mess

So, this morning I woke up to the sound of a blaring smoke alarm detector and then walked into what seemed to be a cloud of smoke. Went downstairs to find my dad fideling with the stove, trying to figure out why the turkey kept catching on fire. So, me and my sister did the usually routine of blowing the smoke away from the detector with the first piece of cloth we could find and opening all the windows, hoping that the neighbors couldn’t hear any of what was going on. The rest of the day was nothing short of this craziness up until we were finally able to settle down and enjoy the delicious meal that was produced amidst the chaos.


I guess, life can be pretty hectic and unpredictable, believe me I can definitely attest to this. 2011 has been an amazing year but at the same time one of the hardest years for me. A year filled with drastic change,  ended friendships and uncertainty.   But admist all the confusion , craziness and disappointment. I have learned to really appreciate it all. I am thankful for the journey I am on now more than ever.The good, the bad and the ugly. These are the times I remember the most because in these times I am uncomfortable and I am forced to either let life bring me down or allow it to change me and challenge me with a joyful spirit. I’m learning from my mistakes and growing  incredibly in patience. I am really learning to  appreciate everything I have been through no matter how hard it was or still may be. This Thanksgiving among SO MANY other things  I am thankful for the chaos, craziness and all the “mess” of life, because I know by the grace of God that the mess will turn into something beautiful.

Happy Thanksgiving!

P.s I am beyond thankful for my family and friends more than I could ever say


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