Life + Roadtrips + Worship

So in about 20min, I will be on the road for about 5 hours with two of my amazing friends.  Heading for an all a girls trip to St. Louis.  I am excited beyond belief to have a relaxed week filled with manicures, sleeping in and ridiculous night talks. I’m not quite sure what my internet connection will be like but I will hopefully be still updating throughout the week. One thing I am really feeling led to do is write more. I started this blog as a more personal blog and I still definitely want to keep that aspect. It will still included my photography because that is a huge part of my life and it’s my business but I am committing to write more 🙂 Feel free to read it but if not, I really just write for myself to document and look back at my life and to really look back at what God has been doing in my life.

Just wanted to end this post with a song I have come to really love. It’s kind of been the theme song of October for me. Absolutely love the lyrics



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