Distractions + 30 day challenge

I am usually not one to back down from a challenge, especially one that I know will be beneficial but I found myself almost doing that today. I have definitely been challenged by a sermon two weeks ago at my church that talked about staying focused on the things that after you do them make you feel some what uplifted or have a positive effect on you rather then no effect or a negative one. So after some deliberation I finally decided to challenge myself. So starting with the month of October till December I will be taking on 30 days of challenges. Each month 30 days of different challenges.


*Read the New Testament in 30 days ( found here)
* 30 days of encouragement ( write an encouraging letter to someone each day)
*Walk a marathon in 30 days (found here) ( gonna start counting my steps)
*Save for 30 days to buy a new camera
* No Facebook for 30 days( may extend this)

Today, I have been contemplating whether or not to deactivate my facebook account. Now facebook is not the only distraction in my life that I am planning to cut off but it seems to be the most time consuming and the least beneficial at the moment. Let’s just say I don’t walk away from facebook feeling revitalized and/or motivated.

I love facebook, I love connecting with friends but  I found myself constantly on facebook for no reason, seriously it got so bad that I would go on randomly like 4 times a day just scrolling through my news feed. I found myself seeking approval and confirmation through facebook and I realized how much of an unhealthy distraction it was becoming. But, even despite those things I still wasn’t convinced to deactivate my account. Then one of my favorite photographers Haley Sheffield wrote a post about giving up facebook on the same day, with reasons similar to mine.And I realized what I had to do. Deactivating it will just be a reminder to myself to focus on other things, not necessarily because I can’t handle having one, I’ll be back. I am not sure how long my account will be deactivated, maybe I should set a goal.Facebook is just the first step of me getting some distractions out of the way.

And yes, I know I just wrote a post about how excited I was about my new facebook fanpage and thankfully that will still be up.

So, how do  I plan on focusing my time when I get bored. Well……





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