Simple Reminder- Thursday thoughts

Today the familiar place that I often drive by suddenly became a place of peace and clarity. Many for graduation if given some type of transportation as a gift that usually means a new car. But for me that meant a shiny new bike! So,after stepping outside I decided today would  be a great day for a walk/bike ride and I say that because my tire ended up getting busted so my bike ride turned into a bike walk :(.  But it was probably one of the best bike walks I have ever had. I became more aware of my surroundings and I was able to view the place I often drive by differently. I was surrounded by natures beauty and it seemed so still and peaceful.  It was in that moment that I realized that I should be more appreciative of where I am at, my surroundings, the people around me and all that I have. So many times I am focused on the future that I don’t appreciate the present.I guess that’s just how my brain is wired, always looking for what’s next. I just drive past life trying to get where I need to go without stopping and being thankful for where I am at now. I am learning to appreciate the small things in life and to count everything as a blessing. It is something I have to constantly constantly remind myself  and today was one of those days{1 Thessalonians 5:18}


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