Something that Matters

I sat there completely captivated by the words , my surroundings and the active responses. It’s crazy how simple words and crazy passion can inspire and motivate a group of people from different walks of life in a single moment. The story united us and allowed us to become apart it. I think everyone in the room left  changed and motivated to make a difference in the world. To follow their intuition and step out with with that crazy idea they had one long late night to change the world.  We were only in the room with Blake Mycoskie for 1:30 but in that hour we saw his heart. He exemplified this idea of humility, generosity and compassion that we often hear but rarely see. He inspired us to act, whether it’s something small or something big . Toms Shoes started with the intent of selling 250 shoes to give to children in a village in Argentina. What started as just a simple thought, no dramatic music, no singing choir of angels, a simple thought that he could have easily dismissed has now changed the lives of over 2 million people.

It blew my mind when Blake told us the story about 3 siblings who had to share a pair of shoes. They had to rotate the shoes between each other, so each of them was only able to go to school once or twice a week. But because of the shoes provided by Toms they now get the chance to walk to school together and go to school everyday. It really never crossed my mind how much shoes could hinder the education of a young child. A child that is able to further their education has a lot of possibilities for their future and the future of  their country.If you have a pair of Toms, your giving could have possibly changed the life of a child and offered a glimmer of hope .

I’ve been inspired. Inspired to make a difference, put giving first, dream big, follow my intuition, look past present circumstances, give generously and buy my second pair of Toms 🙂

He also has a new book out Start something that matters that hit #1 on Amazon. A book that will inspire you to make a difference. Definitely planning on reading it.


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