Thursday Thought’s- Mini roadtrips + Old times + Goodbyes

This week was one of those where everything I planned to  happen didn’t.  I had a whole week planned of different shoots and other tasks I knew I needed to finish But instead before I knew it I found myself hoping in the back of my friends car on the way to visit some friends in Wisconsin. There is no better feeling then being in the car with friends listening to music, with the sun shining and the windows down. I love road trips because they are the perfect opportunity to just sit down, relax and reflect on life. We spent the day just hanging out together was just like old times in college.

We starting off the day by heading to a Apple Orchard to just wander around and take some pictures. But unfortunately the place was closed so we spent about 10 min there just walking around and taking some pictures before we got kicked out. Then we headed to this amazing restaurant called The Bakers House at Lake Geneva. It was set up in with a 1920’s twist, it was beautifully decorated, the waiters were dressed up and guests could wear any of the hats displayed in the restaurant. The food was amazing!!! Filled with an array of Tapas.

It was definitely a bittersweet trip because I was able to hang out with amazing friends. But by the end of the month 3 out of the 4 friends that I hung out with will be leaving the country for a year. So, it was kind of the last hoorah, before we all went our separate ways.

It seems as if the last couple of months have been filled with a lot of goodbyes. It never really gets easier but as I see my friends pursue their dreams it pushes me to chase mine. I am excited for the future and everything it holds for my friends and myself and  hopefully there will be more roadtrips to come.


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