(Creative Session) Ellyn

This shoot started with so many different ideas and finally emerged into a Tea Party shoot. I honestly had so much fun with the shoot and I am so glad I got to meet and work with Ellyn. She was pretty much a superstar for the entire shoot. All the details just came together and we were able to finish just before sundown.

First I wanted to start out with all of the yummy details. Enjoy!


Flowers were DIY Paper Flowers


For more pictures and behind the scenes footage check out the video below


Drum Roll Please….

I finallllyyyy decided to get a facebook fan page.I know I am way behind times but what can I say. I am definitely excited for the three amazing fans I will probably have. This is where I will be doing my updating  and also here on my new blog 🙂 Like my page here

So, I thought it would be weird to just have a post about my new facebook page and telling people to like it so I decided to  also include a post about the things I have been liking this month.

First is Pinterest! I just discovered this site a couple weeks ago and I love it. Pinterest (http://pinterest.com/) is an inspirational board when you can “pin” ( save a picture to your board that you want to come back to later). I use it for photography, fashion, food recipes and any else that catches my eye.

Another site that I am definitely loving is Google reader. You can keep track of your favorite blogs in one area. You get instant update everytime they have new posts. Some of my favorite blogs are http://donmilleris.com/-he always has interesting topics for christians to contemplate. http://www.tofurious.com/is another site that I love to follow it’s not necessarily a blog but it is updated like one. It’s filled with great tips with marketing strategies for photographers. Also some of my favorite photographer blogs http://www.jasminestarblog.com/, http://www.alysefrenchphotographyblog.com/, http://dianaelizabethblog.com/, and so many other blogs I love to follow. Loving GoogleReader

I am totally loving film camera’s. I bought this Pentax about 2 summers ago at a garage sale for $5.oo. Every now and then I definitely want to use this film camera in some of my shoots. If film wasn’t so expensive I would definitely use it a lot more.

And finally my brother offered to buy me and my two sisters new shoes. No particular reason, no special occasion and no complaints from me. He works at Addidas so we all went over and picked out our shoes. Maybe this will intice me more to start working out.

Cheers to a random post!!

Simple Reminder- Thursday thoughts

Today the familiar place that I often drive by suddenly became a place of peace and clarity. Many for graduation if given some type of transportation as a gift that usually means a new car. But for me that meant a shiny new bike! So,after stepping outside I decided today would  be a great day for a walk/bike ride and I say that because my tire ended up getting busted so my bike ride turned into a bike walk :(.  But it was probably one of the best bike walks I have ever had. I became more aware of my surroundings and I was able to view the place I often drive by differently. I was surrounded by natures beauty and it seemed so still and peaceful.  It was in that moment that I realized that I should be more appreciative of where I am at, my surroundings, the people around me and all that I have. So many times I am focused on the future that I don’t appreciate the present.I guess that’s just how my brain is wired, always looking for what’s next. I just drive past life trying to get where I need to go without stopping and being thankful for where I am at now. I am learning to appreciate the small things in life and to count everything as a blessing. It is something I have to constantly constantly remind myself  and today was one of those days{1 Thessalonians 5:18}

Cha Cha Changes + Sneak Peak

“Cha Cha Changes” I honestly couldn’t tell you who sung that song, my initial thought is the Beatles but I really don’t know. But this song came to my head as I decided to write this post. 2 months ago I started this blog to document my life, and to see where photography would take me. I honestly had no clue what I wanted to do or why God placed this camera in my hand. So I just started taking pictures, pictures of things that I enjoyed, pictures of people that I love and pictures that inspired me. All while completely diving myself in the world of photography and seeing where It could take me.  In that time I got amazing advice from different photographers and friends that I am so thankful for.  I am now ready to take the plunge and dive into the world of professional photography. And I can honestly say I have never been so afraid to do something.  The fear of failure has never gripped me as hard as  it has now. But at the same time if I do fail I will be so happy to know that I didn’t allow fear to hold me captive. I’ve always been the one to hound people to dream big and follow their passion, so I guess now it’s my turn. In the next couple days/weeks there will be a lot of changes going on with the blog and just setting up different things. I’m excited, scared, nervous and all of the above. The future is a little foggy but  i will gladly walk through it knowing that God will direct my steps Proverbs 16:9.

Also, I have included a Sneak Peak of last weeks session. Will be blogging pictures soon!!!! Probably one of my favorite shoots

Like This!

Something that Matters

I sat there completely captivated by the words , my surroundings and the active responses. It’s crazy how simple words and crazy passion can inspire and motivate a group of people from different walks of life in a single moment. The story united us and allowed us to become apart it. I think everyone in the room left  changed and motivated to make a difference in the world. To follow their intuition and step out with with that crazy idea they had one long late night to change the world.  We were only in the room with Blake Mycoskie for 1:30 but in that hour we saw his heart. He exemplified this idea of humility, generosity and compassion that we often hear but rarely see. He inspired us to act, whether it’s something small or something big . Toms Shoes started with the intent of selling 250 shoes to give to children in a village in Argentina. What started as just a simple thought, no dramatic music, no singing choir of angels, a simple thought that he could have easily dismissed has now changed the lives of over 2 million people.

It blew my mind when Blake told us the story about 3 siblings who had to share a pair of shoes. They had to rotate the shoes between each other, so each of them was only able to go to school once or twice a week. But because of the shoes provided by Toms they now get the chance to walk to school together and go to school everyday. It really never crossed my mind how much shoes could hinder the education of a young child. A child that is able to further their education has a lot of possibilities for their future and the future of  their country.If you have a pair of Toms, your giving could have possibly changed the life of a child and offered a glimmer of hope .

I’ve been inspired. Inspired to make a difference, put giving first, dream big, follow my intuition, look past present circumstances, give generously and buy my second pair of Toms 🙂

He also has a new book out Start something that matters that hit #1 on Amazon. A book that will inspire you to make a difference. Definitely planning on reading it.

Thursday Thought’s- Mini roadtrips + Old times + Goodbyes

This week was one of those where everything I planned to  happen didn’t.  I had a whole week planned of different shoots and other tasks I knew I needed to finish But instead before I knew it I found myself hoping in the back of my friends car on the way to visit some friends in Wisconsin. There is no better feeling then being in the car with friends listening to music, with the sun shining and the windows down. I love road trips because they are the perfect opportunity to just sit down, relax and reflect on life. We spent the day just hanging out together was just like old times in college.

We starting off the day by heading to a Apple Orchard to just wander around and take some pictures. But unfortunately the place was closed so we spent about 10 min there just walking around and taking some pictures before we got kicked out. Then we headed to this amazing restaurant called The Bakers House at Lake Geneva. It was set up in with a 1920’s twist, it was beautifully decorated, the waiters were dressed up and guests could wear any of the hats displayed in the restaurant. The food was amazing!!! Filled with an array of Tapas.

It was definitely a bittersweet trip because I was able to hang out with amazing friends. But by the end of the month 3 out of the 4 friends that I hung out with will be leaving the country for a year. So, it was kind of the last hoorah, before we all went our separate ways.

It seems as if the last couple of months have been filled with a lot of goodbyes. It never really gets easier but as I see my friends pursue their dreams it pushes me to chase mine. I am excited for the future and everything it holds for my friends and myself and  hopefully there will be more roadtrips to come.

Anytime Session {Tiana & Jackie} Part 1

When I am with these two I seriously get flashbacks of a trip we took together 6 months ago. 6 months ago we all embarked on a trip to Nashville and during that trip let’s just say unexpected circumstances seemed to follow us wherever we went. But I am sure all three of us can testify to that fact that it’s those moments that make the experience memorable. This shoot was nothing short of that. We were literally racing against the sunset, almost had our props stolen, Severely attacked by mosquitoes and all of the above. But it was definitely worth it. I love these girls they are probably two of the most realest people I have ever met and they constantly keep me entertained.

This shoot was mainly for Tiana to add some pictures to her portfolio but she coerced her sister to join in a few shots. Here are just a few of my favorites. Be looking for part 2 in the future, the sun beat us so we couldn’t completely finish the shoot( to be continued)…

Due to the fact that we were in a race against the sun, I told Tiana she needed to turn it on fast and she definitely worked it.

Loving the sisterly love in this pictureTwo gorgeous sisters


I don’t even know how many times I have clicked that button on Facebook. My friends seem to have a knack in getting the worst pictures of me possible. They call it documenting life, I call it blackmail. But in their defense I’ve never been one of those people that would instantly hit the “Smize”(Smile with your eyes) pose every time a camera was present, so I guess they figured any picture of me will do. But a couple  days ago I took the plunge and did some self portraits of myself. I finally got around to editing them. This is probably the most you will ever see of me at once.

Anytime Session {Jackie &Tiana} Sneak Peak

I can pretty much say that I absolutely love my friends. When given the chance I absolutely say yes to the opportunity to photograph them. So when Tiana let me know that she wanted to some shoots added to her portfolio,the answer was obviously yes. Also her sister Jackie was able to tag along in the shoots which made it that much better.  It was definitely a crazy hour, will be blogging more pictures on Tuesday.

Thursday Thoughts

I honestly cannot believe that it is already September. As I sit here I reflect on how my  life has changed over the last couple of months. 4 months ago I was cherishing every minute of life in college and life with amazing friends. Some who I may never see again and others who will always be a part of my life. After that point I had no idea what was ahead for m,e let’s just say my career path was a little hazy. I completed my degree in Marketing and Fashion Merchandising hoping to embrace some part of the Fashion world. But not really sure if Fashion was the route I wanted to take.  Which then brings me to June. I decided to put off making the big decision and told myself I wouldn’t start looking for a career path until August.  So kind of on a whim I decided to move to Nashville for two months, hoping to get some sort of clarity as to what I wanted to do. I interned with a designer while there and spent the rest of my time doing things for myself.  Kind of a selfish time in my life but something I so desperately needed but little did I know that it would become a turning point in my life. I came back  changed by my time there and with filled with some sort of clarity.

“Faith is a mindset that expects God to Act”. Things just started falling into place when I dared to dream big, knowing that all things are possible through Christ (Philippians 4:13).

This post is a little more personal than I usually post but I felt it was important to explain what lead me to where I am right now. I started this blog to document my life and this journey of photography that I have just started. I know I’ll make mistakes and I will grow as a person and I wanted to document it all. I don’t quite know where God is leading me as a photographer but I am dreaming big and allowing God to take the lead.

On a lighter note 🙂

I am definitely excited I got some business and thank you cards made. I am still in the branding phase so I just wanted something simple yet crafty so this is what I came up with. One thing to check off the list!

Also I have creating a blogging schedule for myself. (Tuesday, Thursday, Sunday) will be my posting days.

So, today marks the beginning of Thursday Thoughts.  Basically I’ll  just be posting randomness about my week , myself and upcoming things.