Where will I be

Where do I want to be by the end of the year? This is something I had to ask myself the other day.  I realized that when it came to photography I was just going with the flow. I am still kind of new at photography but that doesn’t give me an excuse not to get my stuff together.  I knew where I eventually wanted to be but I wasn’t writing down how I wanted to get there. So, today I decided to take a step back and  write down some goals for the end of the year and even each week.

Some of my goals include

– Shoot/create 2 styled shoots

-Second shoot one wedding

– Attending at least one photography workshop

-Continue Reading books to keep myself inspired

– Get a better grip on photoshop (right now I mostly edit with Lightroom, I love lightroom but I want to expand on my editing options)

-And most important; practice, practice practice

The actual list is actually a little bit longer than this and includes more business type stuff. And at the very top of that list is updating my business cards( Very important, I need to get on that).

One of my goals includes doing a styled shoot , which I am actually in the works of planning. Definitely excited, styled shoots are definitely my first love when it comes to photography. But I definitely don’t want to overdue them, So I need to limit how many I do a year. But, seriously it’s time for me to buckle down and start checking some stuff of my list.

So what does this picture have to do with anything? Nothing. I just wanted to include a picture, so this is just randomness of me playing around with composition today.


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