Insight: Girl what’s in your bag

 So, I thought I would do a post on what I shoot with.

Camera: Pentax k100D- A what? haha nope not a Canon or a Nikon. This is my first DSLR Camera and I seriously consider this a gift from God. I got this camera for $25. Yes, you heard right. All I can say is just things just fell into place and someone sold it to me for $25.


50mm 2.0- This was my first lens, My favorite lens, takes incredible pictures. Lately I have been playing around with this lens the most.

28-70mm 3.5- I like this camera because I can do an entire shoot with just this lens

135mm 2.8- I just got this lens, So I have yet to use it but I am really excited to use it and I will post pics when I do.

Also, I put all my equipment in a camera bag which I then put into the vintage bag pictured that I got from my roomie(love her).I  have vintage and auto F lenses. I switch between the two. Just let me know if you have any questions


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