Where will I be

Where do I want to be by the end of the year? This is something I had to ask myself the other day.  I realized that when it came to photography I was just going with the flow. I am still kind of new at photography but that doesn’t give me an excuse not to get my stuff together.  I knew where I eventually wanted to be but I wasn’t writing down how I wanted to get there. So, today I decided to take a step back and  write down some goals for the end of the year and even each week.

Some of my goals include

– Shoot/create 2 styled shoots

-Second shoot one wedding

– Attending at least one photography workshop

-Continue Reading books to keep myself inspired

– Get a better grip on photoshop (right now I mostly edit with Lightroom, I love lightroom but I want to expand on my editing options)

-And most important; practice, practice practice

The actual list is actually a little bit longer than this and includes more business type stuff. And at the very top of that list is updating my business cards( Very important, I need to get on that).

One of my goals includes doing a styled shoot , which I am actually in the works of planning. Definitely excited, styled shoots are definitely my first love when it comes to photography. But I definitely don’t want to overdue them, So I need to limit how many I do a year. But, seriously it’s time for me to buckle down and start checking some stuff of my list.

So what does this picture have to do with anything? Nothing. I just wanted to include a picture, so this is just randomness of me playing around with composition today.


Crem De La Creme (August): Monthly Faves

The things I’m loving this month!

Just a forewarning every month there will probably be some type of food involved in these posts. Because food and eating is probably like 75% of my daily life. I have a slight obsession, that I know I need to bring attention to…. eventually.

Ben & Jerry’s Chocolate Fudge Brownie Ice cream: Umm, I don’t think I need to explain this one.

Franco Sarto Flower Wedges: I honestly have never been a heels type of girl. They always look pretty up close but I see past that, I can only last like 2 min in them without feeling like my feet are going numb. But when I found these shoes about 4 months ago I fell  in love. These shoes literally go with almost everything. I have definitely put them to good use this month.

The Purpose Driven Life by Rick Warren: I love reading,  I am one of those people who reads about 6 books at once. So, it literally takes me like a month to read one book. But out of all the books I am currently reading this one is making the biggest impact on me. I’m only a few chapters in but this book allows me to think about things differently. This book also puts me in check and challenges me to see the bigger picture in life. Maybe when i finish I’ll do a mini post on what I learned from this book.

Happy Sunday!!!

Lauren + Michael {Engagement}

“Be thankful for you family” In most cases when I hear this I calmly agree, but I think in this case they were both thankful. The lovely Lauren met Michael through his brother. And from the on they stood by each others side. Both  saying farewell and leaving their hometowns, they have embraced a  committed life together. And I am more then thankful that I had the opportunity to meet them and shoot their engagement photo’s. This was my first engagement shoot that I ever shot and despite the unforeseen circumstances we faced( Crazy weather, crowded areas, blocked streets, etc) we toughed it out and came out with a couple of shots. Here are just a few of my favorites.

Meet Lauren +Michael







Vogue Volume 1

       November } 2005 is the oldest magazine issue you will find in my room. Honestly, I am surprised that no one has signed me up for Hoarders.  I don’t keep every magazine I buy but I do have a hard time getting rid of all of them. Since, I was young I have always loved fashion. Growing up we didn’t have an unlimited supply of money, so a regular  shopping trip for us would be at a thrift store. And until I was younger I thought shopping at  a thrift store was the norm. It was after I saw kids my age wearing similar clothing with similar brands that I realized thrift stores weren’t exactly on the top list of places to shop.

But I appreciate where I came from and it actually  forced me to get creative at a young age. I remember being 11 and staying up most of the night trying to turn my black leggings into “Bell Bottoms”. The only Bell bottoms I could find at thrift stores at the time were one’s made in the 1970′s. Which my sister and mom still laugh at me to this day because I thought my life would be complete if only my mom would buy these brown patchwork high water bell bottoms I spotted one day during an annual thrift shopping trip. Thank goodness my mom loved me enough not to buy them for me. But none the less, I fell in love with shopping at thrift stores and the craziness of scrounging for something amazing amidst all the chaos. Actually to this day my family still do some shopping trips at thrift stores. I of course shop at so many other stores now but sometimes you just can’t find the unique things in regular stores as you can in thrift store.

But, anyway I went to college and pursued a degree in fashion and now I try  to incorporate my love for fashion/style into my shoots. I look through magazines for inspiration on shoots, clothing, poses,and well pretty much everything. It inspires my creativity which then adds a creative element to my shoots, which I absolutely love.

Insight: Girl what’s in your bag

 So, I thought I would do a post on what I shoot with.

Camera: Pentax k100D- A what? haha nope not a Canon or a Nikon. This is my first DSLR Camera and I seriously consider this a gift from God. I got this camera for $25. Yes, you heard right. All I can say is just things just fell into place and someone sold it to me for $25.


50mm 2.0- This was my first lens, My favorite lens, takes incredible pictures. Lately I have been playing around with this lens the most.

28-70mm 3.5- I like this camera because I can do an entire shoot with just this lens

135mm 2.8- I just got this lens, So I have yet to use it but I am really excited to use it and I will post pics when I do.

Also, I put all my equipment in a camera bag which I then put into the vintage bag pictured that I got from my roomie(love her).I  have vintage and auto F lenses. I switch between the two. Just let me know if you have any questions

Randomness: Moving forward

Wow, it has really been a long time since I have posted anything. The last couple of days have really been crazy. I sadly left Nashville and moved back up north. I was only their for the summer but my experience their was phenominal. A couple of things I learned about Nashville are #1- everyone in Nashville can sing, even those that claim they can’t. #2 if you don’t have air conditioning in your house or in your car you probably won’t survive. And #3 the whole thing about southern charm/hospitatlity is completely true. But anyways I left, I am now excited for future things coming. I have my first engagement shoot planned this week. Also, I am in the process of creating a new blog, I got a new job and I am hoping to attend WPPI next week. Which is a workshop where photographers from around the area get together and learn from professionals and get advice. I am definitely excited, for the things coming up and I will definitely post the link to my new blog once it officially opens.