Photoshoot: Chantel-Murfreesboro,TN

                              This shoot was simply a lot of fun. It’s always great seeing your vision come to life. Was it worth all of the mosquito bites, I ended up having because of this shoot, Definitely. Also, without the incredible help and generosity I had, I would not have been able to do this shoot. I hope you enjoy the pictures.

I had to use a ladder to get this shot. And let me add that the ladder was not the sturdiest, so a friend of mine had to hold the ladder while I was on it. Moral of the story, always bring a friend

We couldn’t find a cute vintage dress for this shoot,  and when we did find a semi decent one it was over $200 So I decided that I would just make one,so here is the end result.

So, during most of the shoot. This cat( which the owner let us know was over 20 years old) decided to follow us the whole time. So, we decided to let it in a shot a two. After all we weren’t really sure how much time the cat had left, so we indulged it for a few seconds.

I absolutely love Audrey Hepburn, so naturally when I was thinking of this shoot, I had to find some way to include her picture in it.

Thanks for looking

Used: 50mm Lens,28-70mm lens


4 thoughts on “Photoshoot: Chantel-Murfreesboro,TN

  1. “Z”, You are one of the most Amazing & Gifted photographers I”ve ever met. The images you have posted are “Incredible” & “Inspirational”!!! You made me an instant Fan:>) Keep up the good work, Kenneth

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