Randomness: Break the fear

              It has taken me a while to fully commit to the notion of becoming a photographer. Not because I don’t like photography by any means but because I never saw myself as good enough. I think there is a lot of scrutiny  lately with DSLR becoming more easily available for upcoming photographers to be given respect. Not, that respect is something that should be given for nothing but if your just breaking into photography you have to realize that you will have to work ten times as hard to gain that respect( Which is probably how it is in any industry). I hope I am making some kind of sense. But anyways, fear paralyzed me from committing to photography but I finally decided to take that risk, realizing that I could fail and I have to be okay with that. But what I have also been learning is that its so important to stay true to yourself, that way you will have no regrets. Do the thing that makes you happy, that you can see yourself doing for the rest of your life.  But also be  open to criticism and always push yourself to the next level. If you want something go after it, dream big, no regrets. Okay, haha sorry that somehow turned into a big speech. Thanks for reading

*By the way I know I am a terrible speller and terrible at grammar but i’m working on it( So much for my college degree).

So I usually post a picture with my posts, so here is a random picture of one of the first pictures I took(via self timer) when I realized I loved photography, but didn’t realize I could do it as a career. Hey we all have to start somewhere.


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