Insight: Vintage Love

                   Those who know me pretty much know that I really like vintage things. For those who Really know me, they pretty much know that I am in love with vintage things. So, today after an amazing service at church I headed to a thrift store to see if I could find some props to use for a photoshoot. So, I headed to a Goodwill because I know that they have pretty good deals on Sundays. When I got there the parking lot was packed so I had to go around the store to see if I could find some parking.  I found a parking spot and as I got out the door, the sign said  Goodwill  Outlet store. Now, let me first start out by saying I have pretty much been shopping at thrift stores all my life and I have never heard of an outlet thrift store. I almost went straight to the Goodwill store but I decided to check out this outlet. Let me tell you, when I entered it just looked like complete chaos. Everything was priced by the pound, completely weird. Some people had like 5 crates filled with stuff, and were digging deep in piles. I walked by some lady, who was hovering over all her stuff and telling everyone who walked by to stay back, because that was all her stuff. I definitely call this extreme thrifting. These people were hard core. A lot of people had gloves on to, which I now realize is a pretty good idea if you go to a place like this. But, as I was looking around off to the distance I spotted a vintage typewriter, and I pretty much made a dash to it, ready to knock anyone out of my way. I was definitely willing to pay a pretty penny for it(okay $20 max), but it ended up being only 6.99!!! Wooo, I was sooo excited . For those who know me it was as if someone had told me that I won a year supply of Ben & Jerrys chocolate fudge brownie ice cream. But, anyway this place had amazing stuff, I came out with some really awesome things, but the typewriter was my favorite! So, be on the lookout for vintage pieces in upcoming photoshoots.


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